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What is Social Business Collaboration?


Social Business Collaboration enables companies to use social media interactions to exchange thoughts and ideas in a way that is integrated with business processes. By utilizing social media-based interactions, users are able to leverage knowledge and collaborate at work just as easily as they casually communicate using social media in their personal lives.

Social Business Collaboration Resources

Setting the Record Straight on Social Business Collaboration

“There’s confusion spreading across the business world today with respect to what social means in business. Is “social” the tweets, Facebook® contests, LinkedIn® articles and other social media outreach practices companies implement to gain an online following and spread brand and product awareness? Is it the Facebook® statuses, tweets and other personal communications customers (and even employees) share about a company? Or is “social” the business tools we use to improve communication and collaboration within organizations and with external business partners that, from a user interface and engagement perspective, often mirror social media sites? The answer…”

Social Business Collaboration Infographic

In this infographic, Nuage aims to summarize not only the difference between social media and Social Business Collaboration (also commonly referred to as social business and social enterprise), but to also examine” 1) the emerging workforce’s expectations with respect to social technologies and 2) steps to successfully implement Social Business Collaboration in your organization.

The "Social Collaboration Conundrum"

In this episode of Tech-Clarity TV, Jim Brown, President of Tech-Clarity, talks about Social Business Collaboration and what he refers to as the "Social Collaboration Conundrum. In the video, Jim explores how businesses can “leverage the free-flowing information found in social media and couple it with the control necessary to protect information in an environment where there is sensitive data.”

Social Supply Chain Collaboration

In this episode of Tech-Clarity TV, Jim Brown, President of Tech-Clarity, explains the pluses and minuses of different approaches to collaborating with supply chain partners. Watch the video to find out why Jim says, “Social Business Collaboration can help companies develop better products. It can also help them more effectively include their supply chain in product development to improve innovation.

CIMdata Weighs in on ‘The Changing Face of Collaboration’

CIMdata, a world-leading source of information and guidance to both industrial organizations and suppliers of PLM technologies and services, has released a thought-provoking commentary addressing ‘The Changing Face of Collaboration’. Key takeaways include: 1. Three major technology-driven themes–the consumerization of IT, the availability of information-on mobile delivery devices, and the social media-savvy workforce–are converging and changing the face of collaboration. 2. This convergence is forcing companies to implement new PLM-related business processes and technologies that allow and enable social business collaboration. 3. Nuage is taking an exceptional approach by offering an online business application suite for social business collaboration that provides users the flexibility and interactivity often lacking in today’s traditional data management solutions.

Issue in Focus: Social Business Collaboration and the Product Lifecycle: Combining the Collaborative Power of Social Media with PLM

“Succeeding in business requires a group effort. Today, social computing techniques such as microblogging, wikis, and blogs are poised to help companies take a significant leap forward in their ability to collaborate and work together. Clearly social media tools such as Facebook and YouTube are exploding in our personal lives. Similarly, social computing approaches are making significant progress expanding and evolving to become highly valuable business tools – supporting social business collaboration.”

Author: Jim Brown, Tech-Clarity



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